When the world was born, the Gods created dragons to shape the world called The Chromatic Realms. These dragons ran wild and unruly over and under the land and even in the oceans of the world.

The Gods were furious, so they trapped the souls of all dragons in individual weapons called Dracoforged.

With the Dracoforged, the Gods were able to shape the world to there design and also let the dragons have a little creative free will to add to the design.

Centuries later, after the realms have been populated with lesser beings other than dragons, the Gods left the Realms to attend to another matter. Before their exodus, they left behind the Dracoforged strewn about the realms. Hoping that none shall find them and that one day they come back to cull the dragons they birthed if needed.

With the Gods gone, the beings of the Realms attended to themselves and grew even without the Gods. Although, healing has been a little out of whack and the arcane took many other forms than those of the primal planes since the departure of the Gods, the inhabitants have made due with what they have. This age of Godlessness brought about new fields of magicks such as necromancy, mechanical, and even song.

For the dragons themselves, they have grown more recluse in their immortal years. They still fear the day any being who comes into possession of any of the Dracoforges to come and enslave their kind just as the Gods and warlords had. They made sure to strike fear into the hearts of the lesser beings and show which race dominated the Chromatic Realms in the absence of mightier Gods.

Unfortunately for them, fate had other plans. Some of the lesser beings stumbled onto the mighty weapons of the Gods and used them for their own purposes. This age would be called the Battle of Wyrms. Warlords conquered land after land after land with the help of a few dragons mixed into their vanguard. For they were no gods, the lesser beings were able to use the Dracoforged with only limited potential and summoned only 1 to 3 dragons at the most to aid their campaigns.

When the warlords had enough mongering, they became the new rulers that spread themselves across the land formed kingdoms that bordered one another. These rulers lived for centuries but never aged since the day they first came into the possession of the Dracoforged. Even though their bodies did not suffer the ravages of time, their minds grew paranoid with every year pasted one century. Their paranoia grew so great that madness took over which caused them to take needless actions. They coveted the Dracoforged so much that each king hid the weapon from each other in hopes that they would not be stolen by the other ruler in a plot to invade their kingdom. With the Dracoforged away from their wielder for so long, time was able to seep back into the rulers bodies and rapidly disintegrated their bodies until all that was left were golden skeleton kings sitting at their individual thrones.

This began the Age of the Fallen Kings which brewed turmoil among the citizens of every kingdom produced revolutions that split all kingdoms further and new smaller kingdoms arose and fell almost every year for 50 years.

With the Dracoforged lost once more, the dragons began their own search for them to undo the power that those weapons hold on their race. And so, the ongoing search for the weapons continued for the dragons and became only whispers of myths among the lesser beings.

Dragon Forge

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