Dragon Forge

Prelude to the Arena Shake Up

Bleeding Wolf's Tavern, Ero De'Gaunce, Drago Dorsen, Shamis Tinkerdoodle

Ero De’Gaunce finds himself in the town of Umberlin off the Shimmering Coast and west of the Black Marshes. Ero has seen a few adventures since he left his homeland and have recently settled here at the Bleeding Wolf’s Tavern.

Tonight there seems to be a full crowd of many different races. Among the crowd, a certain gnome appears to be in high spirits and seems to flow of coins. He is guarded by two very rough looking half-giants who apparently obey the gnomes every command.

With a scan of the room, Ero notices an old beggar hanging around trying to beg for coins from the patrons of the tavern. The beggar spots Ero and starts to move towards him.

Ero meets Drago Dorsen. While moving through the ante-room Drago hears cheers of a person named Shamis Tinkerdoodle who seems to be a gnome, is buying drinks for everyone in the tavern. Also, with further inspection of the room, Drago notices two dark figures among the booths have been watching the merriment with interest.

As the night rages on, the gnome buys round after round after round of beer and says," Round for everyone bar keep! Today’s my pay day and i means to celebrate!"

After three more rounds for everyone, patrons start to waver and fall asleep due to intoxication. The only ones that have not taken one drink is Shamis and two other patrons, even Shamis’ bodyguards have fallen asleep next to him. As Shamis tries to wake up his guards with a kick, he is unaware of the two patrons, who did not take in with the revelry, position themselves to surround Shamis.

As the seedy figures approach Shamis, he finally notices that one of the figures is a familiar face and is shocked that he is being attacked.

Just then, Ero and Drago, shout,“Halt!” Causing the two attackers to turn their way and Shamis took this opportunity to duck under the table.

Ero and Drago face off with the two attackers and a battle ensues. With the help of Shamis’ darts from under the table, Ero and Drago are victorious.

AS the fight comes to an end, Shamis’ bodyguards wake up groggily and immediately start tying up the patrons who have not left the tavern during the fight. As Ero and Drago wonder why the guards are tying everyone up, two darts stick into both their necks and then instantly fall down paralyzed but can still see and hear everything that is happening. Shamis appears from under the table and walks up to your still forms and says,“I’m sorry about this but it has to go this way for now, I’ll find you later and get you out. I owe you one.”



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