Dragon Forge

Arena Shake Up

umberlin, arena, ragnarok, count josiah irons, Adiah

The party finds itself waking up to a pounding headache. They realize that they’ve been sleeping on a cold stone floor with a few piles of straw. The party only remembers having drinks with Shamis Tinkerdoodle last night at the Bleeding Wolf’s Tavern.

Drago Dorsen realizes that they are in a cell of old iron and stripped down to your tunic and leggings.

Drago also notices others in similar cells waking up the same way and looking disoriented. Some of them look to be from the tavern.

An aged dragonborn walks the aisle, clanging the bars with a large femur bone making loud annoying ear aching noise.

The dragonborn yells out," Wake up you sorry dogs! You’ve probably have just realized by now that you are in a cell. No…. You are not in prison. You now belong to Count Josiah Irons the Brutal and he owns this lovely arena you occupy. You are here to train and fight and die. If you are worthy enough or have lived through enough battles beyond reckoning, you might gain the Count’s favor or the Crowd’s mercy which might grant your freedom. Fastest way for that to happen, is to become the Champion of the Arena. I bet you’re scared. If not, you should be. There are fifteen mages here guarding the arena and to help them out are 100 armed guards who get very eager for violence."

If that hasn’t scared you enough, then let me introduce myself. I am Ragnarok. I am your educator and weaponsmaster. I’ve killed hordes of fighters, mages, rogues, and others who had the unfortunate honor to meet me in the arena. I have the longest record of being Champion to date. And my last duty to Count Josiah Irons the Brutal is to train the next generation so that they may be as entertaining as I am. I will not die here with shits like you! Now follow me to the training grounds."

As the cells open, a newer prisoner rushes out for Ragnarok from behind and grabs him in a bear hug and starts to squeeze the life out of him. Ragnarok spits a small pea of fire onto the prisoner’s feet causing him to let go. In an instant, Ragnarok stabs his fingers seven times into the prisoner’s torso, stands up straight and continues to walk to the training grounds. The prisoner seems paralyzed at first, then his eyes start to bulge and blood bursts out of every orifice on his head and dies.

“There’s always one,” Ragnarok laughs,“He just costed you dogs breakfast. NOW MOVE!”

In the training grounds you are taught the basics of combat and a few theories of group combat. Within that time Drago notices the others from the tavern and walks up to them. After dodging a boulder from a purplish being who’s color seems to shift from blue to violet, Drago introduces himself to Adiah and after a bit of a scuffle and a little beating from Ragnarok, both agree to team up with each other and Ero.

After hours of training, Ragnarok nails a list of openings for different battle scenarios and there seems to be a group slot available.

After signing up, the party trains in their battle scenarios for the rest of the week up until the day of the event.



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