Dragon Forge

Meat's back on the menu, boys!

Meat, Dormistos, Galore, Kadrim Sul

As the trio of gladiators vanquished their opponents, the crowds screamed in excitement and bloodlust. Only the cheers gave the combatants ample time to catch their breaths. To settle down the crowd, Count Josiah Irons raises his hand and preaches,“you have fought well my gladiators, but the crowd desires more of you. Come! Face Dormistos of the Black Marshes!”

As the last words come out of his lips, the air is filled with a grinding sound and the floor of the arena begins to shake and a slit of an opening on the floor begins to grow wider like the maw of giant tunneling worm surfacing. The wider the hatch becomes, the more billowy black smoke arises from it’s source.What appeared next was the stuff of nightmares. Twin menancing eyes pierced the veil of darkness and anyone in the vicinity could feel the pressure for those eyes oppressing the skin of the gladiators. With a wave Count Josiah’s hand, the command to the wizards posted on the edges of the arena dispersed the cloud of darkness with a strong gust of arcane wind. Without its cover, Dormistos stood there scarred and restrained by arcane chains from a willowy elf wizard and iron chained by a medium sized brute of a man in dark armor.

Whispers and awe were the sounds escaping from the mouths of each individual in attendance in the arena, except Count Josiah who just stood there staring intently at the majestic beast. It did not take long for Dormistos to scan the stands and meet Josiah’s gaze. Rage and fire boiled in the eyes of the mighty wyrm and Dormistos’ demeanor became one of majesty and stoic to bezerk and mindlessness. As the dragon raged, the handlers were tossed around like ragdolls in the jaws of a violent guard dog. Unfortunately for Galore (Elf Wizard in her own right), she caught the coming fury that was Dormistos first. Badly pressed, Galore did all she could the fend off the beast but did not come away unscathed. Drago Dorsen was the first to react, he charged on with power and speed not common to a man his age, but he defied the rules of time and positioned himself behind the dragon. Upon making a powerful blow to the beast, Drago’s sight was blinded by the sand being kicked up causing his trajectory to be off and fall face first into the arena sand next to the dragon. Ero De’Gaunce was next, using his bardic skills to aid his allies. Kadrim-sul landed on his feet after being launched by Dormistos and realigned himself to do battle. Adiah (the Blueish-Purple Deva) proceeded to chant a few words to his patron that was answer by a holy aura that surrounded the warrior.

Spells, blades, and a bit of man-handling ensued between the three gladiators, the unfortunate handlers, and dragon. In the end, Dormistos cowed down to the might of his five opponents and was restrained again by arcane chains that bursted forth from the sand to hold him while the victorious handlers once again took up their duties. Similar chain bursted forth to restain the victorious gladiators as they stood there being showered with not so glorious BOOs as the crowd roared with their bloodlust and anger that the dragon lived to see another day.



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