Dragon Forge

Let it burn!

The Party, made up of Galore, Kadrim-sul, Minharath, Adiah, Ero, and Drago, flee east to come to a farm that resides just outside of Umberlin. Tired, the Party believe themselves safe for now from the Vicious Hand. Taking a quick respite, Kadrim and Galore argued about what to do next since their mission objectives conflicted with each other. Bored and annoyed with the conversation, Ero decided to seek out help from the farm; maybe a horse of three to help escape the trouble and enjoy the freedom he has been missing.

Upon reaching the the outskirts of the corn fields, Ero is confronted by a man in cloth with and emblem of twin birds emblazed on his tabard. It turns out that the man was not alone leaving Ero and Adiah (who followed sleuth) surrounded by more Vicious Hand agents intent on capturing the farm for their needs. A skirmish breaks out between the newly formed group and the Vicious Hand causing Kadrim to rush out and wedge between Ero and the enemies,in the meantime, Drago rushes into action by taking on a combatant within the corn fields. After the first salvos, Ero takes a quick step back and launches into his devastating melodies while Adiah pushes off into a corn field to engage the ruffians in their own terrain. All the while, Minharath maintains a vigilant eye on the injures of his abruptly form allies. Panicking just a little, Galore flings a pea of fire into one of the corn fields hitting a few foes but also igniting the corn fields in a blaze.

As the battle wore on and the corn field is being engulfed in arcane flames, Drago bursts forth from the field badly burned but triumphant as his enemy lay in the same field burning into a crisp. With much effort, the battle ends with some substantial casualties but some interesting finds upon the burnt bodies of the Vicious Hand agents.



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