Dragon Forge

So... That Happened.... (Part II)

The gear has been picked, a letter read, instructions have been given, and a cleric is found.

The Trio finds themselves in the middle of the arena with a mixture of cheers and jeers. There is even a section of the crowd dedicated to the performance of a certain purpleish-blue gladiator. The announcer gave his less than theatrical performance as he introduced Ragnarok to the ring. The Trio couldn’t believe their unfortunate luck, they had unwittingly wrote themselves into a match with the champion of the arena as his fodder. The tension in the ring grew as the seconds passed and two of the Trio just argued about their predicament. The posturing broke when Adiah, with a shrill battlecry, charged out to oppose Ragnarok. There seemed to be a slight hesitation with Adiah’s charge when he neared Ragnarok when he briefly caught his gaze because the next thought he knew of was the feeling of being blasted to the side by Ragnarok blurred movement and strength batted him away like a ragdoll. The Adiah cheering section gasped at the way their hero could be manhandled. Snapping out of their argument, Drago used his agility to spring away from Ragnarok’s approach. Ero caught in the path only used his innate ability to sense any arcane factors that the mighty gladiator possessed. Whatever magical item or enchantment Ragnarok would be using would give a tale-tell glow wherever it was present. To Ero, Ragnarok just looked like a glowing ball of light rushing toward him.

As the Trio fight for their lives, Galore meets up with Kadrim-sul and they both seek out Minharath. When they reach Minharath he was able to create 6 healing potions and prepare several cots for incoming injured gladiators. Collecting Minharath, Galore and Kadrim seek out more for their escape from the arena.

Beaten, the Trio lie at the feet of Ragnarok who has dispatched them with ease. Paying no attention to his former adversaries, Ragnarok turns to gaze directly at a frustrated Count Josiah Irons and proclaims,“NOW MY BROTHERS! IT IS TIME TO BRING THIS FARCE TO AN END!!”. with the signal thrown, several robed individuals that have infiltrated the audience erupt into action brandishing weapons to slaughter guards and innocents alike. A huge skirmish occurs between those of the Vicious Hand and Count Josiah’s forces.

In the meantime, Galore, Kadrim, and Minharath reach the arena and create an escape for the Trio as they regain their composure. Fighting their way out of the mayhem that has engulfed the arena both outside and inside, the party of six now makes it to the gate of the arena where they fought many of the Vicious Hand and engaged the release lever to let them out of the arena grounds and into the city of Umberlin. Just past the gates, the party hears a loud BOOM and a mighty roar coming from the melee inside the arena. The ground trembles with powerful force to let the party have a small glance behind them to see a rising familiar blackish smokey cloud rising from the structure. Reaching the outskirts of the city, the party is confronted by a band of Vicious Hand cultists that block their way to freedom. With some effort, the party defeats the cultists and flee east.



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