Dragon Forge

The Shallows

As the smoke rises from the burnt mound that was a corn field, a women with 2 children in tow run up to see the commotion. Its Martha Mago, wife of the farmer that these fields are own by, and her children who just gawk at their ruined corn crop and switch glance from the crop to the party to the crop and finally it rests at the party. After explaining the situation of the Vicious Hand invasion to the Magos, the party instructs the family to abandon the farm and head to a safer establishment. Before the family leaves, Martha pleads to Kadrim to warn the near by shanty town of the Shallows so that the farm’s hired hands can prepare to flee the oncoming invasion as well. Reluctantly, the Party decides to visit the Shallows to try and warn the people there of the invasion as well.

An hour later, the Party arrive at a very poor rural shanty village of a little over 11 shacks built from whatever these people could muster up to make their individual houses. There are some children running around playing while the adults gather about their own homes talking amongst each other. One particularly elder folk walks up to the Party to introduce himself and provide any information that they require, for a little coin of course. After warning the town of the invasion, the Party is surprised to find out that the head of this town is run by a certain gnome by the name of Shamis Tinkerdoodle and that he comes by every so often to provide the necessities for minimum living. Ero, Galore, and Kadrim believe there might be something useful inside the gnome’s shack enough to investigate. Upon entering the shack, they see common items and furniture that furnish the small building. What really catches their eye is a large black chest that Galore detects is brimming with magic. With a cursory inspection, Ero tries to fiddle with the lock and almost gets impaled by several darts that shoot out. The darts dissolve as the hit the wall behind Ero and a sigh of relief is felt through the party.

As the attention of the party is directed toward the chest, a Umberlin noble named Bannister and his Vicious Hand cronies badger the town elder on the whereabouts of a certain rogue-ish gnome. The altercation is heard by Kadrim’s ear and he sneaks out of the shack, with Minharath in tow, to investigate the commotion from the shadows of the shanty buildings. Bored, Adiah begins to look about the shack and notices that Kadrim and Minharath have disappeared and bursts forth from the shack to search for his allies, but the whole movement draws the attention of the noble and cronies toward Adiah. With a yell of battle, Adiah rushes out to meet his enemies with divine powers. Unfortunately, Adiah’s lust for battle and carnage was not well liked by his patron god Bahamut, so he fought with raw might alone as his divinity failed him. As the battle ensued in full, the rest of the party joined in and a short while after the tide began favoring Kadrim and his allies. Fearing his end, Bannister made a quick getaway through an alley and had almost maded it to freedom except that he was put down by a dozen darts riddling his back as he fell dead. Kadrim was confused as he followed in pursuit of Bannister only to find him face down on the dirt with many darts protruding from his back. After the melee has ended, a badly wounded Shamis limps out of the shadows of the shanty building and just greets the party with a “Just follow me and I can explain some of the questions that you might have.”



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