Drago Dorsen

Human Monk


It had been decades since Drago has seen the light both religiously and literally. He sat there practicing his jabbing techniques with precision and style.

Forty Years in the Past

Bokai Temple where Drago was near to receiving the title of elder monk and the prestige and power that came with it. His fighting prowess were admired by many who resided in the temple. Upon entering the religious sect of fighting monks, one had to endure many challenges to even be considered to wear the holy gear of Bokai monks. Long mountainous runs, extensive periods meditating under the Bo’shun waterfall, many scriptures of reading and memorizing, rigid disciplines of hunger and anger management, and finally thousands of daily fighting techniques to train the muscle to memory were what award one who qualified to undergo training. Drago was a genius in all of this, yet to the elder monks, there seemed to be something more that Drago was meant to do with his life.

After months of divine searching, praying and meditating the elder monks came to a decision. Meanwhile, Drago felt carefree in his studies and did not bat an eye at helping the younger, and even some of the older monks, with their technique stances and forms. As he demonstrated opening the gates of battle into the Whirling Mantis step, he was blasted away by three of the elder monks who have mastered most of the styles the temple had to offer. Drago was bewildered by this act of spontaneous aggression and decided that it must be a test to see if he was worthy to be an elder monk, so he fought with passion and with all his vigor. He fought all three elders at once drawing on their group movements, Drago finally found a rhythm that he could exploit to defeat the three. Side step, dodge, counter, kick out, dodge, palm thrust to abdomen, dodge, mantis jab to shoulder’s pressure point, jump back, whirling eagle’s kick with full force to right cheek. It went on and on until finally the three elders were defeated and the only one left standing was Drago huffing and puffing from the sparring. Just then Grandmaster Vo-Sei approached Drago with a serene face and hands in front of him poised in a meditating fashion. Drago immediately prostrates himself to a kneel and declares,“Grandmaster Vo, I have passed your test and feel that I am ready to receive further training under you.” and as he looks up to the Grandmaster, he is met by an open palm to the face. The movement was so sudden and fast that Drago hadn’t even registered it until he was facing the other students, but they were all upside down and shocked.

Another quick series of movements jabbed Drago in all the pressure points to render him paralyzed in the contorted form that he was in. “Alas, my young student, you have actually failed in your test. This was a test of self restraint and humility, which it seems you were quick to action,” the revered Grandmaster Vo decreed. Drago tried to argue his confusion but his face was not responding to the words he wished to speak and it all came out as a garbled drooling mess. “I am sorry Drago, but you must leave the temple and never come back. We shall send you to the nearest village to the west. From there you must seek out what it is you were meant to do in this world for your purpose does not belong inside this temple,” the wizened monk said.

Fueled by disappointment and anger, Drago was left with the simple cloth attire that he wore everyday in the temple, and a simple spear that he favored in his many trainings with the other monks. Step by step, Drago pondered what had happened to him and where did he go wrong. Just as he was passing through the rocky slope that would get him to the town called Whispering Brook, a elder monk appeared on a rock to his left. “Drago!,” the elder shouted,“Take this and know that we wish you inner peace and serenity for the days to come.” The elder monk threw a small sack to Drago that contained a set of prayer beads, a few gold and a note that read:

Drago, you must put this incident behind you
and move on to your true purpose that lies
ahead of you. Do not worry about your
training, it will not goto waste. Heed what
you’ve learned and practice the techniques
we’ve taught you, for they will be of use to
you when the time arises and your destiny
will reveal itself to you. May the blessed
teachings be with you.
Grandmaster Vo-Sei

In his depression, Drago could not even comprehend what the Grandmaster meant about his destiny. Over the next few years, Drago spent the gold he had on strong alcohol and women. He would use his practice routines as a performance to obtain more gold to buy more beer and women. Finally, he offended the wrong person in the Cask and Iron Inn at the town of Bellow’s Clearing where he assaulted a captain of the guard and was thrown in prison for thirty years. In that time he had nothing to do but look within himself for answers beyond the drink or the pleasure of the flesh. After the first decade, he started meditating again to acquire some semblance of inner peace. The next decade, he exercised in his dungeon to keep in better condition for what happened next. Slowly, his memory of certain techniques were seeping back into his mind and he would practice those he could remember to muscle memory.

Two Years in the Past

Upon the end of his imprisonment, the guard were astonished by the old man that was there who did not quite look like he had spent thirty years in prison. They gave him his spear back though it was quite worn and cracking, and sent him away from the town. Drago traveled from town to town toward the west still a little aimless as to what destiny had in store for him. He happen to stumble into the port city of Umberlin where he inquired about the local bar to see if he may beg for food or anything.

The Present

Cut down before this time, Drago suffered greatly for the fires of his last battle in a corn field. With no way to heal his arcane wounds, the Party had the difficult decision of ending the suffering of Drago with a clean thrust to the heart by Kadrim-sul and his mighty trident. As the blood filled his lungs, Drago felt disappointed with himself and angry about his stolen youth and the future he would never see through. He looked into Kadrim’s eyes with hatred and seething bitterness welling in his pierced heart. Just then a singular voice came to him in his mind. Walking away from his fallen ally, Kadrim could not hear Drago’s final words to an unseen spectator. “What is it you wish to do my friend?” asked the voice in Drago’s mind.

“To slay those who betrayed me and take back the years of imprisonment I suffered at the hands of the fools who live.”

“I may be able to help you with your request, if you pledge your loyal to me forever more!”

YES! YES! I’ll do anything to get back at those whom I hate dearly!”

As Kadrim walked a few steps further from where he had slain Drago, a terrible tremble occurred and the ground shook with purpose. A fissure split the ground where Drago lay and this body pummeled through the recesses of the Underdark.

Drago Dorsen

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